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Time Exists Within You

by | Jul 7, 2023 | Wisdom | 0 comments

I began teaching mindfulness and meditation on Periscope (may she rest in peace) back in 2014. For years I lead daily meditation scopes and mindfulness exercises to help people raise their vibration, clear their minds, and restore balance to their lives. 

I talked about it constantly, and would regularly invite people to my meditations. One of the most common complaints, or really, excuses, I heard was, “Lemme see if I can find the time.” 

We witness the passage of time daily. 

We witness the rise of the sun, and we watch the day fade into night. 

We observe the first spring buds turn into flowers and those flowers then wilt and decay back into the earth. 

We witness our bodies and those of our parents, our friends, our loved ones change and age with the passing years.

It’s impossible to observe life and not conclude that we live within the bounds and confines of time; that we are ruled by time, an external force.

But time lives within us. 

Time exists within our minds and our hearts.

In Ecclesiastes 3:11 it is written, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart.” 

We can feel eternity and the expansiveness of the universe deep within our soul. 

We know that there is more than this realm. We know that there is more than this moment, this season, this world. 

We know that more lies ahead. 

But humans have a wondrous desire to feel busy and distract themselves from this internal sense of eternity. We fill our minds, our days, and our screens so we don’t have to reflect on what’s ahead, let alone what’s within. 

When we are continually occupied, we are unable to sit in stillness and silence. We feel like we have no time to just…be.

It’s hard to break the chains of preoccupation. It’s hard to say, “no.” It’s hard to turn off the TV, and put down the magazine, and log out of Facebook.

These habits are so ingrained in us. Our desire to feel busy — to always be doing — is so deep in our programming it’s hard to break free from it and feel like we can find the time for mindfulness.

But, through the act of mindfulness, through the act of meditation, you’ll slowly begin to realise that you don’t need to find the time for anything.

Time exists within you.


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