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Those Pesky Expectations

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Personal Blog, Podcast | 0 comments

The problem with expectations is that they often set the groundwork for potential disappointment, misunderstandings, and unnecessary stress. When we set fixed expectations, we create a narrow frame of reference for what we consider acceptable or successful, leaving little room for flexibility and adaptability. This can hinder our ability to appreciate the present moment or recognize unforeseen opportunities.

Additionally, when our expectations are not communicated or are based on assumptions, they can lead to conflicts with others who might have different viewpoints or anticipations. Unrealistic or unmet expectations can also erode self-confidence and self-worth, as individuals might unfairly judge themselves based on self-imposed standards or external pressures.

While having goals and standards is crucial, it’s equally important to remain open-minded and adaptable, understanding that life’s unpredictability often brings both challenges and blessings.

In this episode I get personal. I discuss how life’s unpredictability has thrown me for a curveball, how I have to readjust my expectations, and how to better manage my mind for the trials ahead.


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