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What I’m Enjoying: Week of 19 Nov. 2023

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Progress on the house is slow going. I’ve been deeply overwhelmed with work, and the state of the house. Add in the dogs, my health issues, and lack of sleep, and I am barely functional. Progress on the house has all but come to a halt. This week though I did manage to get a box of floor tiles laid, so I suppose that’s something.

Also this week I started reading Brenton’s Septuagint. The Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Old Testament commissioned by Ptolemy II of Alexandria in the 3rd century BCE. Compiled by seventy (or seventy-two, depending on who you ask) Jewish translators, the Septuagint was important for the citizens of Alexandria who, while Jewish, had Greek for their primary language, not Hebrew.

This meant the majority of Alexandrians had no access to the scriptures.

In 1844, Brenton’s Septuagint was published. This is an English translation of the Greek Septuagint. Brenton’s is a translation of a translation.


It’s been an interesting read, especially reading it side-by-side with the Orthodox Bible (which used the St. Athanasius Academy’s Septuagint), and the King James Version and the English Standard Version, both of which went Masoretic.

You can access an archived copy of Brenton’s Septuagint here. It is riddled with what looks like typos, but could very well be translation errors.

I’m learning Hebrew. Perhaps in a decade I’ll be able to read the Old Testament in the original Hebrew, and I can shove these translations to the side.

In other news, I’ve been working on my step-dad’s recipe for celeriac gratin, a classic French dish. My Mom loved this dish. I’ve only had it twice, but man is it tasty. My step-dad used to make it for her every Thanksgiving. I miss her desperately. This is the second Thanksgiving without her. It’s been a hard week.

I’ll be back on Sunday with more links for you, and perhaps I’ll have a timeline for when new podcast episodes will air.

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