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About Quaker Oracle

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Welcome to QuakerOracle.com, the blog of Elizabeth Gray, and your resource for all things related to the more esoteric side of Quaker faith and tradition.

I am dedicated to providing a rich and informative platform that examines the history, beliefs, and practices of both the modern and historic Quaker community.

Here we will also explore the overlap and contrast with esotericism, Vedic, and Pagan teachings as seen through the lens of an Orthodox Quaker minister, as well as divinatory practices that help us to tap into our inner bit of God and strengthen our spiritual foundation.


About Elizabeth

Raised in a polytheist, multi-religious family, I gravitated towards my mother’s Quakerism from an early age, attending meeting with her as soon as I was old enough to sit still. I have had a fascination with theology, world religions, esotericism, and the overlap between them all as long as I can remember.

My mother, a devout Quaker, was also a diviner who practised with the tarot and pendulums as well as placing great importance on signs and portent in her daily life. 

Like many who have come before me, and who will no doubt come after me, I have carried a fascination for the divine, and I’ve let this fascination guide me. As a seeker of truth, I aim to use this blog to explore the topics that I find so fascinating, as well as share links to other projects currently on my desk. 

This is a catch all platform for everything I create, personal and professional. Over the coming months I will move the archive of work from my assorted pen names here.

My Mission

At QuakerOracle.com, my mission is to promote understanding, dialogue, and awareness of the Quaker faith and complimentary esoteric practices that help enrich our spiritual lives and strengthen our connection to our Inner God Particle. I aim to be a valuable resource for Quakers and non-Quakers alike, fostering a deeper appreciation of the Quaker tradition’s unique contributions to spirituality, enlightenment, and inner peace.