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What I’m Enjoying: Week of 24 Dec. 2023

by | Dec 26, 2023 | Links, Personal Blog | 0 comments

I can’t believe it is Christmas Eve! This month has been intense. There’s several projects on at the house. There’s been having some dog drama, and the cafe is undergoing a pivot. To say I’m busy and overwhelmed would be an understatement.

But there’s light in the darkness. There’s progress. There’s peace on the horizon. Things are moving forward with finding a permanent church building so I can open our food pantry. And my Quaker podcast is up and running again! Woohoo! I’ll take the little wins whenever I can.

Onto the links…

How to make self-rising flour.

This seems obvious, but not going to lie…I had to look it up. I am not a baker, but every now and then I need to do some kind of baking for my cafe. The current project is figuring out a faster way to make our homemade pita because it takes my pastry chef about 2 hours to do a batch, and that time could be better spent on other projects.

Ancient Hebrew Research Society

I recently got into a Facebook conversation with some folks from my town about the Bible. A very myopic and ignorant view point has been circulating which is: The Bible can’t be real because Jesus couldn’t have found men with English names in the Middle East.

This is a point of contention with me as Biblical Translations are a complicated subject and people use these ignorant arguments to aggressively justify an atheist worldview. I am of the opinion that you should at least know what you’re talking about before you propagandise.

If you don’t want to believe, fine. That’s perfectly valid. But don’t come after Christians when you don’t know what you’re talking about. (And this opinion holds true for other topics as well, not just religion.)

I thought I’d do something different this week and share some memes that made me laugh. We all need a little laughter right now.


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