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What I’m Enjoying: 14 Jan. 2024

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This week I bought a new Strong’s Concordance. My copy is a beautiful red leather binding from the 80s. I’ve been wanting to compare my older printing to a new edition for some time now. Not for any particular reason other than curiosity and amusement. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a modern printing at an independent bookstore.

Onto the linky links:

What tf is Frietsauss? Turns out, it’s nothing I’ll ever eat. It’s a slightly thinner, sweeter mayo that gets thrown onto fries. Sometimes this garlicky version, knaflooksaus, gets thrown on instead.

The karmapa, not to be confused with the kammapa.

Pittsburgh coffee shop closes all locations after workers announce a desire to organise.

List of events this year to celebrate George Fox’s 400th birthday

I signed up for An Evangelical Perspective of George Fox, an online lecture in March. I’m really excited about this.

The Memes

Parting Tunes

Oh, hey, you made it this far.

Here’s the thing: I have been building websites now since the mid-90s, and I’ve got two openings on my calendar in March for website clients. So if you want a new website that’s easy to use, easy to update, gorgeous, and will show up on search engines, get in touch. You can send me a DM on Telegram.


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